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“I would like to be known as a positive potent power
to those whose lives I’ve touched, while leaving a worthwhile legacy
that will triumph over
the rigors of space and time.” ICJ

Carrot Jarrett, known as one of the world’s foremost percussionists and performers, has been charting innovative courses in Integrative Health Healing and Wellness for the past two decades. This intensely passionate singer, drummer, dancer, percussionist, performer, concert producer, inventor, songwriter, painter, has for many years touched hundreds of lives as a Healer, Teacher and Holistic Health Practitioner, whose focus is Total Wellness and Innovative Holistic Health Care.

Carrot’s prolific work is staged on a background that is vast and eclectic; full of experiences that might appear unrelated to some – From Custom Shoe Maker to TV producer; from Restaurateur to Grammy Nominee-Platinum recording artist and Record Company Executive; from Social Activist to Counselor.

Carrot was schooled in the Bahamas, Jamaica and the United States of America and is an outstanding initiator and leader, experienced in business, community and civic service. Carrot has been acknowledged for his leadership and philanthropic works, particularly among the youth and for years worked with the Government of Jamaica in designing & conducting several Drug Abuse “Prevention” programmes. He has worked with street children, Affluent Families with drug abuse challenges, been invited to the Crime Review Board by Jamaican Prime Minister P.J. Patterson and has developed educational anti-drug programmes such as “Strops and Cisum” for the Jamaican government, lead by the then Prime Minister Edward Seaga. As a result of his outreach in healthy living, art and media, Carrot was requested by UNEP to serve as the Global Youth Forum Liaison Officer in Jamaica.

Carrot recalls his first healing experience: Early one morning in front of my Jamaican home an old lady who walked passed in front of the house every morning to go to work, hobbled in front of me and requested that I ease the unbearable pain she was having in her swollen ankles. Despite feeling a bit puzzled by the lady’s request I nonetheless moved into swift action without question as I felt then that she knew more about my ability to help her than I was then aware of. I kneeled at her feet and applied both my hands to her aching ankles; after a few moments the lady thanked me and walked on her way, showing no sign of her previous distress, pain or worry.
I was stunned, and in that moment I knew that this old lady had appeared to lead me unto a new path of service to others…

Some twenty plus years later today, through his organisation: Carrot Jarrett Wellness Center. Carrot serves the holistic health and lifestyle needs of a varied clientele in the USA, Jamaica and throughout the world. Some of the services provided by Carrot Jarrett Wellness Center are geared to Corporate Executives in managing their day-to-day work and family related challenges. HLMS also conducts Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling, talent scouting for producers of network television and advises clients on overcoming work-related obstacles. Carrot also consults with a select group of Spas and Wellness Centers in the USA and Jamaica.
As a Certified Energy Medicine Specialist and healer, Carrot Jarrett functions as an enhancer of the individual’s own capacity to self-heal. His EnergyMedicineRx™ modality uses ancient traditional principles and the power of touch and distance techniques to enhance healing. Carrot is a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher who incorporates three other notable hands-on/distance healing techniques to tailor his personalized services to his clients-a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP), the Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine (FAIM) The Holistic Health Network, The Holistic Health Association of Jamaica (HHOP)

In 2002, Carrot also incorporated The Rhythm Circle Corporation, through which he offers Rhythm Circle Drumming/Drum Circles/Intuitive Drumming and Medicine Drumming Sessions as an extension of his healing work. Through The Rhythm Circle, Jarrett exposes clients to the use of rhythm and music in healing. The Medicine Drum™ is used to affect ChakraRevitalizationTherapy™ developed by Carrot through his years of practice.

Carrot incorporates conventional and traditional medicine for prevention, and to support healing in achieving optimal health. Through his work, Carrot promotes the power of music, art, visualization, prayer, touch, science, and art for mind/body/spirit atonement in attaining a balanced life and well-being.

CarrotJarrettWellnessCenter is a virtual and physical Health facility serving the Holistic Needs of a dynamic and diverse community.

Irvin Carrot Jarrett ™ Corporate Profile
Holistic Integrative Health Practitioner, Certified Energy Medicine Specialist, Counselor, Platinum Recording Artist and Performer, Percussionist, Master Drummer, Teacher, Businessman

Founder, Chairman & CEO - Creed Entertainment Group – (CEG) Jamaica
Creed Music Institute “Popular Music Training in High Schools” endorsed by UNESCO & GOJ
UNESCO endorsed CEG program supporting the development of the music industry in Jamaica

Owner, President & CEO - Healthy Lifestyle Management Systems Inc. (HLMS) USA, Jamaica
A holistic integrative health practice with offices in New York and Kingston, Jamaica.

Raphael’s Entertainment Restaurants* & Raphael’s Ice Cream
Carrot Pure Gold Publishing Company (ASCAP)
Carrot Pure Gold Inc. Miami, USA
Carrot Art-Designs Limited*
Sky Productions Company Limited
ARS Pictures Limited*

Member American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)
Member UK Performer Services
Member International Association of Reiki Professionals
Member The Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine (FAIM)
Member Holistic Health Association of Jamaica

1987 – 1991 Member - The Wailer’s Band
Grammy nomination for the album “Identity”; Strategic Planner Jarrett represented The Wailer’s Band with marketing strategies to Atlantic Records and ABC Booking Agency USA.

1974 – 1984 Member - Third World Band
Platinum Album; represented Third World in management and marketing with SONY records; Present part owner & partner in The Third World Catalogue

1970 - 1972 Member - Inner Circle Band
● Started professional career in music as a member of the Grammy winning group Inner Circle who produced the Hit single Bad Boys later adopted as the Theme song for the TV series Bad Boys, and the Movie of the same name.


Emjay said...

Excellent Missa Carrot. You've always done remarkable work.

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